Instruction manual:

  • Place your appliance on a horizontal level surface, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Allow not less than 10-15 cm of space between water dispenser and walls or other objects for proper air circulation.
  • Do not install your appliance in dusty or dirty area.
  • Use only 18,9 L bottles with drinking water.
  • Make sure that your appliance is unplugged when you install a new bottle.
  • Remove the sanitary sticker;
  • Turn over the bottle upside down and insert it into the water intake. Wait until water fills the reservoir (bubbles will stop rising).
  • Make sure that water flows properly. Plug the appliance into an outlet.
  • Make sure that your water dispenser is clean. Every appliance requires sanitary cleansing at least once every 6 months. Water dispensers must be cleansed by qualified service specialists only.
  • It is recommended to unplug the appliance if you leave for a night or if the appliance will not be used for a long time.

Sanitary maintenance of water dispensers:

Sanitary maintenance (disinfection) is needed to maintain hygienic environment of the water dispenser. Water may be contaminated by chemicals and bacteria. Fortunately, the majority of bacteria that can be found in water dispenser are non-pathogenic (i.e. they do not cause any diseases). Bacteria contained in water may deteriorate its taste. Experience shows that quality of water degrades after 6 months of usage because sanitary environment of water dispenser deteriorates even despite on the water is still considered to be drinkable.

Sanitary maintenance includes cleaning and disinfection internal reservoirs of mineral sediments, cleaning pipes of organic film and cleaning the body of water dispenser.

If you have any questions regarding to maintenance of water dispensers, we will provide answers by phone: +7 (3952) 39-99-99