The nature of Baikal region is a unique mix of different types of plants that are so important for conservation of Earth and for understanding of biological and geological evolution, so it fully corresponds to the term of “World’s Natural Heritage”.

Flora of Baikal has lot of different exotic plants: unique species of moss and lichens (In accordance with preliminary processing of information and scientific literature there are 212 types of lichens and 185 types of moss in total), fragrant umbrella-shaped poplars, real cedar taiga, “walking” trees with naked roots. The steppe has a special place in the flora kingdom of Baikal Siberia. It takes only 7-9% of the area of the region, but it is an original element of flora that has the richest diversity- it has 666 types of vascular plants (for comparison – forests have 625 types, fields and swamps have 319 types, highlands have 550 types).

Coniferous forests dominate in Baikal region. A unique sort of Siberian spruce – Blue Siberian spruce – has a special place among the other sorts of trees that grow in coniferous forests.

Blue Siberian spruce differs from normal Siberian spruce because the needles of this tree have blue color, that is caused by grey-blue wax coating of the needles. The height of the tree may reach 30 meters; it has pyramidal-shape crown and scaly grey bark. Another widespread sort of coniferous trees that grow in Baikal region is pine.

A lot of plant species are endangered, for example Baikal orchid or Blue spruce.