Mother and Child

9 months of pregnancy may be called the most important period in life of each woman. The health of the baby depends on the future mother, including what and how much she drinks.

At the period of pregnancy, especially at the first half of pregnancy, the body needs significantly more water. The water is needed to form embryo and amniotic liquid. The mother’s body needs much liquid to dispose excreta of the fetus. After the child birth there comes the breast feeding period and the breast milk contains 87% of water that you drink. So, if you have no special medical prescriptions don’t torment yourself with thirst and drink as much as you need. But don’t forget about the quality of what you drink. Clean water is supposed to be the best for health at the period of pregnancy. Of course, you shouldn’t drink tap water. Many scientists have doubts that filtrated and even boiled water is completely safe.

Also, there is no need to drink mineralized water too much: large concentration of minerals contained in the water may cause disbalance in your organism.

“Wave of Baikal” natural drinking water contains optimal concentration of salts and minerals that is save for everyday consumption. We will help you to take care of your baby’s health!