Water and Active Lifestyle

Sport is fashionable! Whatever you choose – dancing, yoga, running or gym exercises and wherever you are – in the park, at home or in the gym – you can be sure that your body likes what you do. Just follow simple rules. One of the most important factors that may influence the body when you train is your drinking regime.

The statement that drinking water before and during the training is harmful for the health has become the thing of the past long time ago. Drink as much as you want. It is only important not to drink too much-it may cause stomach discomfort. Take several big gulps every 10 - 15 minutes when during the training and then drink 500 – 1500 ml. of liquid after the training.

During the training the body sweats and together with sweat it loses certain amount of essential salts and minerals. The liquid with optimal amount of nutrients will help you to restore balance. That’s why selection of beverages is so important. They may be special sport mixes, energetic or isotonic drinks. They all have different ingredients and effects. The optimal solution depends on duration and intensity of your training, on your training skills, it also depends on if you do aerobic exercises or strength training. You shall consult to your trainer on order to select the beverage that is optimal for you. But don’t forget that all these liquids, just like juices, fruit drinks, tea and coffee are not included to the amount of water you need to drink every day.

So, after the training it is necessary to restore liquid loses with pure water without any impurities and additives. “Wave of Baikal” natural artesian water in a new convenient fitness bottle will be appropriate for this purpose. Enjoy sport with us!